​A new athletic director has began her tenure at Murray State and her name is...

Velvet. Milkman. 

You read that right. First name Velvet, last name Milkman. Who knows what sort of teasing this woman had to endure as a child? Velvet in itself is an unorthodox name, but her last name is seriously Milkman?

Students will seriously have to ​​address her as Mrs. Milkman. All told, that's pretty awesome.

But let's hope she has a good sense of humor just in case.

This woman has been blessed with one of the best names in history. What is her middle name? Policeman? Nylon? Inquiring minds want to know.

We can't downplay the fact that Coach Milkman has had plenty of success in charge of Murray State's women's golf team. She's been at the school for 25 years, so she's surely an excellent choice for AD.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't appreciate an opportunity for an easy laugh, of course.