The heat of NBA free agency may have settled after the first week, but there still are a couple of major fish in the pool, with an aging yet still intriguing Carmelo Anthony headlining the school.

His short stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder was admittedly a failure, but that hasn't stopped powerful teams from being interested.

Namely, the Houston Rockets have been doing all they can to gear up and pursue the 34-year-old, and reports suggest that their efforts have landed them as front-runners.

The Miami Heat also lurk in the background as potential contenders to sign Melo, but if Anthony is serious about finally getting a championship, Houston is the place to go, even though you'd think Mike D'Antoni's presence would be a strong deterrent.

He'll have to accept a backseat role to that of James Harden and Chris Paul, of course, and exactly why the Rockets would want to take a shot on an expensive player like Anthony who struggled to shoot above 40 percent last season is certainly questionable.

Melo does still provide some significant star power and leadership, which could give the Rockets the edge to finally bring down the Western Conference's Goliath in the Golden State Warriors. 

Only time will tell, but the already financially cap-strapped Rockets don't seem to be backing down. Melo over Capela could turn out to be a legendary misallocation of financial resources.