​It was a disappointing tenure in Brooklyn for ​Jeremy Lin.

​Lin, who once was a shining star for an injury-plagued New York Knicks team, now finds himself an injured journeyman, shipped to Atlanta for spare parts.

Lin was supposed to be part of an up and coming backcourt last season with D'Angelo Russell. While few expected Brooklyn to compete for a playoff spot, they were at least supposed to bring some excitement to Barclays Center. Instead, both players were often on the sidelines, dealing with various injuries that kept them out all season. Lin, in particular, never found his footing with the Nets.

The move signals the Nets are willing to take a loss on Lin's initial signing, suggesting they'd rather move on with the likes of Russell and Spencer Dinwiddie in their backcourt. If the Hawks choose to keep Lin and not buy him out, he'll serve as a mentor for new Atlanta point guard Trae Young.

Still, considering the pattern in today's NBA, Lin could find himself in the free agent market quite soon.