​Now that Twitter has completed their purge that deleted fake users from the platform, we as common folk can see just how many followers some of our favorite celebrities have bought.

Two of the people in the sports world who lost an incredible number of followers were former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Lewis and former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry.

Ray Lewis was a former middle linebacker who played 17 seasons with the Ravens. During his time with the team, he won two Super Bowls and was the Super Bowl MVP in 2000. He also made 13 Pro Bowl appearances and was a two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2000 and 2003. He was a member of the ​2018 class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Prior to the purge, Lewis flaunted 712,200 followers on Twitter. After his fake followers were deleted, that number was almost cut in half. As of this writing, Lewis has 364,700 followers, which is just 51.2 percent of what he originally had.

McHenry was a ​controversial reporter for ESPN, but she was released as a part of the infamous 100 employee lay-off of 2017. Since then, she has been seen contributing to Fox News as well as doing local segments on WTTG Fox 5 channel in Washington, DC.

After the cleansing of fake followers, McHenry's follower count dropped from 362,800 to 223,300, a 38.5 percent decrease in followers.