​Players from "The Land" may be in high demand.

After the Cleveland Cavaliers lost their main man (again) in ​LeBron James this offseason to the Lakers, they were left with a roster of players that didn't do much even when James was with the team. Cleveland isn't quite ready to blow up the team and start fresh just yet but it appears that no one is safe besides Collin Sexton.

​​Sexton was drafted eighth overall in this year's NBA draft and after a strong showing thus far in the Summer League, the Cavs are high on this kid's potential once the games actually count.

As far as the rest of the team is concerned, ​Cleveland is stuck with aging and expensive veterans like Kevin Love, Kyle Korver, JR Smith and young, unproven players like Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. 

With James gone, the franchise should at least be doing their due diligence by seeing what they could get for guys like Love, Korver and Tristan Thompson. Even with the Eastern Conference being as weak as it is, the Cavaliers are nowhere close to being a championship team.

Everyone saw what type of team they were with James on the court, it was a one man show, relying on 'The King' to carry the rest night in and night out. They should see what they could get in return for their veterans so that they can build a team around the young stud to be Sexton.