​Five years does not seem like that long a time. The Boston Red Sox' last World Series title is still fresh in the memory of baseball fans around the world.

However, the offensive playmakers from that historic team? A lot has changed for them over just five years, and a majority of them are no longer playing professional baseball.

In 2013, the Red Sox' 11 most frequent hitters combined for 5,560 plate appearances. In 2018, ​Dustin Pedroia is the only player from that squad to step up to the plate.

If anything, this stat shows how Boston was able to pull off their incredible season without any youth. Six of those 11 players were in their 30s at the time. Will Middlebrooks was the only player under the age of 28, and his baseball career quickly teetered out, as his batting average since that season was just .196. 

​Jacoby Ellsbury remains in the league, but has been on the DL for the Yankees all season.

The team's two leading hitters from that season, David Ortiz and Daniel Nava, had an average age of 34 years old. 

This is not to say that the Red Sox were lucky to win the title with such an old roster; rather, it provides an alternative blueprints for teams hoping to lift the Commissioner's Trophy.​​