Look at the Yankees getting a taste of their own medicine! This team has been on a historic tear when it comes to hitting long balls, but Edwin Encarnacion decided to take the honors in the first inning with this solo blast. 


There's no way the Yankees don't sound off with some bombs of their own soon, right?

Encarnacion had to just feel left out. Just a few days ago,  Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez went yard in the first inning. Who is he to stand on the sidelines while his All-Star teammates show off?

What makes this even more impressive is that his long-ball was against Luis Severino. Going deep against that ace doesn't happen very often. 


Encarnacion is overshadowed by the two Indians mentioned earlier, but he has had some power behind his swing this season. Despite his .227 average, he already has 62 RBIs and 21 homers as we near the mid-season break. Not bad at all for the three-time All-Star.