Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the NBA. He's also one of the biggest babies and one of the worst personalities in the sport. 

His basketball skills aren't going to change for the next few years, so he'll still be in the spotlight for quite some time. Durant's going to have to change eventually if he wants to shed the label of insecure crybaby, and there's one simple way for him to do it. 

After his latest barrage of attacks on social media, Durant should just flat out delete his social media accounts. 


LeBron James takes a hiatus in order to focus on basketball during the playoffs. Durant should absolutely follow in his footsteps, but for a much longer stretch of time. 

It's just gotten out of hand. Any star in any sport deals with smack talking fans who flex their muscles on social media. It's definitely not something one should condone, but he claps back at everyone and everything. His latest debacle involved a 17-year-old saying LeBron and Curry were more important players than him. Is that really that big of a deal?

Some call him the Slim Reaper, and he's living up to that nickname by showing he has incredibly thin skin.


Of course, this might not change anything even if he does "delete" his social media accounts. He still has backup burners and still calls out people who try to get autographs from him. It's not a perfect solution, but it's a start.