Kawhi Leonard is turning into a little bit of a diva before our eyes. The only problem is, he isn't actually one at all.. 

Yes, that's certainly baffling to figure out for a pair of reasons. Leonard seems like a diva because he demanded a trade after essentially hiding from the Spurs for a season. Also being a diva is normally a bad thing in a sense, but it is marketable. 

Leonard is not. 

The two-way superstar may have the on-court talent to be a big star and demand a top sneaker deal, but he has the worst personality to market in history. 


How in the world is Jordan supposed to sell anything with him attached to it?

There are other divas in sports like Odell Beckham Jr., Kevin Durant, and others, but at least their personalities jump off the page. Leonard's personality makes you want to turn the page before you fall asleep. 

Right now, Kawhi has four tweets with the last one coming from his fingertips two years ago. His Instagram account (if it actually is him) is unverified and hasn't posted anything since New Year's Day. This is the kind of guy that is  supposed to carry a shoe brand? Come on now. 

​​Let's even look past social media and talk about his personality. Has anyone ever even heard him speak? Or smile? Not at all. People like vibrant personalities these days as much as they like on-court talent. Leonard has the latter but is certainly lacking the former.