​How much longer can such a storied franchise like the New York Knicks be a joke in the league? Probably as long as Joakim Noah's current outlandish contract. 

Noah still has two years left of his fully-guaranteed $72.6 million contract, but the Knicks are hoping to overcome that huge fiscal roadblock as soon as next offseason. Surprisingly, some of the league's top stars seem to be interested. 

​​​Rumors about All-Stars Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving teaming up in New York have been floating around for awhile, but this recent activity of Butler liking a fan's comment suggesting exactly that.

Or at least that is what it may look like on the surface. Earlier this week, Butler had similar Instagram activity​ suggesting a move to the Spurs was in his future.

One thing does appear to be certain though; Butler wants out of Minnesota.

And with reports that the Timberwolves are looking to extend Karl-Anthony Towns on a max deal rather than Butler suggest that the franchise is ready to move on as well. 

The one major kink in any hopes of a Butler-Kyrie tandem in New York is the Boston Celtics. With LeBron now out of the Eastern Conference, it is very plausible that a healthy Kyrie and Gordon Hayward lead the Celtics all the way to the NBA Finals. Trying to lure Irving away from a stacked team after carrying them that far seems unlikely.

Also, Butler's Instagram activity should not be trusted. He can't play for the Spurs and the Knicks.