Former MVP Kevin Durant has been on a rampage lately. He's been calling out anyone and everyone who somehow pisses him off. Normally they're targeting his skills and loyalty or are talking trash, but this situation shows it doesn't take much to get on his bad side, as he tells a father to make his son stop following him for autographs.

​​Man, this guy has truly embraced the whole "villain" persona lately huh?

It's hard not to get on Durant's case these days. He's arguably the most thin-skinned athlete ever with his social media responses, burner accounts, and of course, his free agency decision to join the Warriors. Now, this interaction shows he's not interested in taking anything from anyone, even a little kid who just wants an autograph from one of the best players in the league. 

It really is a shame, because one action can really ruin an entire day of good deeds. During the Tournament of Champions, Durant stopped at the Kay Yow Cancer Fund and had no problems taking pictures there. The bad certainly outweighs the good in today's media, as one scorned autograph seeker erases what he did. 

​​The man just has to learn to keep his cool. Yes, he's under immense pressure and yes, he receives a ton of nonsense from people all over, but he feeds into it like nobody ever has before.