Just when we thought the allegations surrounding​ LeSean McCoy ​couldn't get any more bizarre than right now, additional details emerge and offer another wrinkle to this story.

It's become very apparent that McCoy and Delicia Cordon didn't have a very stable relationship, as multiple incidents were reported prior to the assault. During the summer of 2017, the Pro Bowl tailback wanted borrowed jewelry back from his girlfriend. However, the Bills star was nervous that Cordon would falsely accuse him of domestic violence.

​​Getting weird enough yet? 

That wasn't the only strange detail revealed today, as more was leaked. It appears that bedsheets were hanging out of a second story window, which might indicate that either Cordon or her son were attempting to flee the house. This could either play in with the attempted jewelry robbery that occurred or the accusations that McCoy was abusive.

​​We're not done with background check on this relationship. In addition to the jewelry dilemma in July, the police arrested Cordon during an argument between her and McCoy. 

​​Out of all the new tidbits that were unveiled today, the most telling piece might be the last one. 

Considering the claims that ​McCoy tried to kick Cordon out of his home for months, it's interesting that she apparently followed him to Las Vegas and called him out for cheating. 


​​So many new storylines have emerged from this disturbing and frightening story, as the rest of the world looks toward the NFL to sort out this mess. It definitely won't be an easy task by any stretch and unfortunately it looks like the job just got even harder.