​It is officially time to spam the panic button in San Antonio. 

The constant drama surrounding ​Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs is hard to ignore, as there can be no doubt the All-Star forward wishes to be traded. Although Gregg Popovich and the front office haven't granted his wish just yet, the disgruntled superstar seems all but done with his current team. 

With NBA trade talks heating up in Las Vegas, Leonard was spotted with his former teammate Jonathon Simmons. It might not sound like anything crazy, but this should deeply concern Spurs fans.

​​Simmons left San Antonio back in the 2017 offseason, after struggling to cope with Popovich's coaching style. He felt misused and didn't appreciate the constant emphasis on the experienced players on the roster. 

Now that Simmons is in Orlando, perhaps the veteran swingman is telling Leonard all the possible benefits of leaving his current franchise behind. Maybe packing his bags and heading to the Eastern Conference might help him escape his demons from last season. 

After all, a ​new suitor is emerging in the sweepstakes. 

​​We all knew this wasn't going to end pretty, as the rest of the league is waiting for the biggest domino of this offseason to fall. Fortunately enough, it's only a matter of time before Leonard finds himself shipped out of San Antonio.