​Ryan Zimmerman had a rocky start to his 2018 season with ​the Washington Nationals. In fact, it all dated back to Spring Training.

Zimmerman participated in just one Grapefruit League game with Washington's major league roster. After that, he was relegated to simulated and minor league games, which usually indicates that a player is injured. Not to mention he only took at-bats, and never ran the bases.

Reporters at the time were told repeatedly by members of the Nationals staff that he was not injured, and was undergoing a different training routine. However, that was not the case.

According to MLB insider Jon Heyman Zimmerman did, indeed, have a calf injury throughout Spring Training, and has lingered ever since.

​That leaves the question, why would the Nationals lie about the injury, and more importantly, why didn't reporters do further research into the ordeal? In fact, Zimmerman did not miss two months of the season just because of the oblique injury. No, it was a combination of his oblique AND his calf.

​You know that theory in which you are repeatedly told one thought or point of view, that you'll eventually believe it? That appears to be the case with those reporters, as the Nationals repeatedly told them Zimmerman was fine and healthy.

Talk about some Jedi mind tricks.

​​One thing is for sure,and that's those reporters will certainly be back to ask the Nationals about this revelation by a respected insider in Heyman.

Back to the Nationals, why did they find the need to lie about the injury in the first place?

The way the team went about it was completely unnecessary and should have never happened in the first place. We get it, athlete's are prideful about their strength and durability. But to lie about a player being injured sounds like a major breach in league rules.

Washington will have to face the music and answer the tough questions they have heading their way.