​Erik Spoelstra and Hassan Whiteside didn't see eye-to-eye last year. Spoelstra didn't give Whiteside as much playing time because the 29-year-old center was lazy on defense and largely ineffective on the offensive end.

Apparently, the relationship was never as bad as people thought.

Pat Riley said that Spoelstra and Whiteside needed an intervention. I'm guessing Riley is the one who provided it. This is exactly what the Heat need.

They still have to pay Whiteside $52.5 million over the next two years. Whether they want to ​keep him or trade him, it's in their best interest to have him in the best shape and mindset possible. 

After Pat Riley worked his magic, Spoelstra seems more willing to listen to Whiteside and Whiteside seems more willing to work. 

This might be hard for ​Heat fans to accept, as last year was a trainwreck for the veteran big man. 

Many feel Whiteside showed his true colors last year when he was fighting with his head coach. For the time being, he and Coach Speolstra seem fine, and Heat fans should at least be optimistic about the constant communication between the two.