​If the Yankees can get the Orioles to surrender Manny Machado within the division while keeping both of these assets, put Brian Cashman himself on the ​Supreme Court.

We don't know what type of "strong offer" the New York Yankees offered the Baltimore Orioles for shortstop Manny Machado, but we continue to get info on who wasn't involved and who won't be included in any deal.

The Orioles had ​interest in Yankees left-handed pitching prospect Justus Sheffield, but according to reports, he ​wasn't included in the offer and most likely will be untouchable in any deal. Now you can add outfielder Clint Frazier to that list of untouchables, for at least this deal.

​​Even though there's been a lot of noise and discussion about Manny Machado ending up in the Bronx, it seems these two division foes aren't on the verge of getting a deal done.

There's still plenty of time and things can certainly change, but the more we hear about who the Yankees don't want to part with (Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar, Sheffield, Frazier), the more confusing it gets as to who they'd be willing to move for Machado.

Yes, Machado is technically a rental player for a couple months and there's no guarantee he'd sign a long-term deal after the season, even though the Yankees are one of the favorites to land him in that arena, too. 

Clearly, the Yankees aren't ready to part with top prospects, and if they can sneak out the door without doing so, that'd be a massive boon.