At the age of 84, ​Bill Russell continues to prove that he is the GOAT, and that's by telling other stars they're number one. During an NBA Summer League game on Wednesday between the Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavaliers, Vince Carter, who was on the Kings broadcast team, was attempting to get Russell's attention. Russell heard Carter, and proceeded to show him his middle finger.

​​It was a hilarious moment, as Carter shrunk down to his seat in laughter, while Kings general manager Vlade Divac jumped up with a huge smile on his face and appeared to tell Russell "good job."

This is not the first time that Russell has told other NBA stars they are number one. In fact, the infamous one came at the NBA Awards this year, where cameras caught Russell ​giving Charles Barkley the middle finger after the analyst mentioned the Boston Celtics legend during his presentation speech. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Chauncey Billups were also not safe from the Bill Russell treatment this past year.

Russell has gone on the record to say that is how he greets some of the star players, and we're all here for it.

Don't ever change, Bill.