Since taking over as commissioner, ​Adam Silver has been lauded for the advances he's made in the NBA. However, with how the offseason has been going so far, there's a chance that Silver may fall out of the graces of NBA fans, to dare I say, Roger Goodell levels. 

If the NBA wasn't unfair already, it definitely is now as the league's rich just got richer. When the Golden State Warriors signed perennial All-Star ​DeMarcus Cousins, many fans said that it will be near impossible for any other team to challenge the Warriors for the Larry O'Brien Trophy, and these people certainly have a point. Just look at last season, no team but the Rockets challenged the Warriors in the playoffs and they were banged up the entire series!

Dynasties in sports are fine, but when the bar none best team in the NBA has the ability to add two All-NBA-level talents via free agency, there's a big problem. The Warriors do deserve credit for drafting three All-Stars, but manufacturing two more in free agency is downright unfair.

Adam Silver could at least have tried to avoid future snakes like Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins from joining already stacked teams by implementing new rules. Instead, Silver has defended the unfair Warriors lineup, saying that it is good for the league.

To go with the Warriors problem, LeBron James signing with the Lakers has added another issue: There is an obvious inbalance in the two conferences. 

Clearly, the Western Conference is much better than the East. The only thing that really balanced the two conferences last year was LeBron James, and now that he's gone, what else is there?

Although he has talked about it in the past, it is time for Adam Silver to have the 16 teams with the best record make it to the playoffs and not the best eight teams from each conference.

Adam Silver needs to make changes to the NBA soon or face the consequences that come with being a stagnant commissioner.