​Johnny Manziel is famous for his partying. While at Texas A&M, he probably set a few drinking records. This recent Manziel party story just might be the best one, though.

Manziel's old QBs coach told the story behind the Manziel's famous Scooby Doo costume.

That's incredible. So, he gets the hottest chick in the building, has the time of his life, and then shows up drunk the next day for a walkthrough after missing the morning meeting? Manziel followed it up by playing one of his best games the next week.

​This story should be told for years to come and should be titled, "The Legend of Johnny Manziel." As his QBs coach said, that's when I realized "this guy is not human." 

That's awesome that Manziel played it off with an excuse the next day. He probably got so drunk that he forgot the coaches were there. 

"Where have you been, Johnny? You missed the morning meeting!"

"Oh, uh, my roommate unplugged my alarm clock, he does it all the time." 

They weren't buying that for a single second! They probably looked at him with one of those sly, you-know-what-you-did looks. 

The only thing that would have made this story better is if Manziel had a game the next day. His coaches definitely wouldn't have taken him out the night before if that was the case.

And in all seriousness, get right ​Johnny. We can't wait to see you back out on the field.