​The NFL has always been under the proverbial microscope for the decisions they have made over the years.

This past week has been a public relations nightmare for the league. Disturbing allegations have been made against Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy and Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, just to name a couple.

Usually, a professional sports league makes an official statement to ensure their fans they are looking into matters. But not the NFL,​ who have been stone cold silent for the entire week.

​McCoy has been accused by friends of his ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, of physically abusing her and enlisting hitmen to beat and rob her. Not to mention allegations of abusing his son, assaulting his dog, and using illegal steroids.

​Dareus is currently facing a lawsuit, where a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her, as well as exposing her to a sexually transmitted disease.

The fact that these very serious allegations have been made, and commissioner Roger Goodell has not released an official statement of any sorts, is concerning to say the least.

It didn't end there for the NFL this week, as former player​ Brandon Browner​ is facing life in prison for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, and ​Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim was arrested for a DUI on the Fourth of July.

We heard these cases from various reports in the sports media world. However, the NFL was nowhere to be found. 

When looking at it, the NFL was fast to act on their new national anthem policy to appease President Donald Trump, who accosted players that use their platform to raise social awareness. But in a disastrous week for the league, Goodell has been in hiding.

The NFL has been long accused of being too involved in certain situations. However, with this lack of action, the integrity of the league will be further questioned.

Silence does indeed speak volumes. In this case, it has not been for the better.