Heroes don't always wear capes.

When EA Sports' NCAA Football video game series was discontinued after 2013, many fans of the franchise didn't know how to move on. Playing the latest edition over and over comes with diminishing returns. Luckily, a group of hardcore gamers took matters into their own hands to keep the series' heart beating.

As highlighted in a recent ESPN feature, Jarrod Bullard and nine other programmers have been painstakingly updating the rosters on NCAA Football ever since it was canceled. They spend months every year inputting players one by one, making sure they have correct measurements and performance information for each one.

Bullard's partner, Louis Burhans, put in about 750 hours each season editing every player's statistics. This involves hours researching stuff like high school scouting reports and combine results. Then, the findings have to be scaled with the rest of the player's attributes who are already in the game.

It is crazy how much work this team puts in to keep NCAA Football up to date. From the 5-star recruit heading to Auburn to a redshirt sophomore on Ball State, they will all be there thanks to this group of dedicated fans.