​Baker Mayfield has moved on to bigger and better things with the Cleveland Browns, but that doesn't mean he's stopped thinking about the Oklahoma Sooners and his quarterback successor, Kyler Murray.

A few weeks ago, college football expert Phil Steele released rankings of the top 55 QB units in the nation this season. Steele ranked Texas, SMU, and Texas A&M over Oklahoma when it comes to quarterback projections.

Mayfield was not too happy about that.

He posted the following comment on Instagram in response to the article: "Y'all better pay your respect to K1 @kyler1murray."

It seems like that attitude is also inspiring Murray to not be bothered by the rankings. In fact, He might just use them as fuel for the upcoming season.

Kyler Murray has been busy this offseason finalizing his MLB contract with the Oakland Athletics. But, he has one year left with the Sooners, and ​he should not be overlooked heading into the fall.

If Mayfield, former Heisman winner and the first overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, has confidence in Murray, that means something.

Sam Ehlinger at Texas, Nick Starkel at A&M, and Ben Hicks at SMU, all likely candidates for the starting QB spot at their respective schools, would have to post incredible seasons in order to supersede Kyler Murray. The guy has a nearly $5 million contract, for goodness sake.

Murray should be psyched that Mayfield has his back. After all, nobody wants to get on ​his bad side.