​Tony Romo is no doubt as excited for his second season as the lead color analyst on CBS as you are, and if you ask him, two relatively surprising teams are ready to get over the hump this season.

According to Romo, this season's Super Bowl could feature a first-time participant and an old giant trying to get back to past glory.

“Thing about the NFL is things change pretty fast," Romo stated on Thursday. "Injuries happen, a lot of stuff happens, but, um...if I was picking right now, I’d probably go with Green Bay versus Jacksonville. That would be a tentative, rough guess here in the summer months.”

​Romo, who's become known for calling plays before they happen during games, seems to have a knack for predicting stuff. So if you are a Packers or Jaguars fan, get excited. 

​​​Romo is very high on the Pack entering this season, even going as far as saying they're the "team to beat" with a healthy Aaron Rodgers at the helm. After all, last season's 7-9 record isn't very indicative of the true talent level here, especially with Jimmy Graham and a strong defensive draft.

As for the Jaguars justification, Romo points to their success last season. They had one of the league's best running games and defenses, and are pretty much, in his words, "strong everywhere." 

It's not like seeing the Jaguars in the Super Bowl would be a crazy idea, after all, as they were just minutes away from cementing their spot in the big game last year on the road at New England.

It's bound to be a long ​NFL season, and like Romo said, anything can happen, but these are two teams to keep an eye on. ​​

Not the two teams everyone's necessarily backing, though.