Even after Butch Jones was fired, he still can't stop getting blasted on the way out.

From average everyday fans​ to in-state politicians running for office, Jones continues to be the punchline of joke after joke regarding the expectations he never met in his five years on Rocky Top. 

Recently, a young Vols fan took the time to write a letter to ​Jeremy Pruitt, the new head coach at Tennessee, asking for a win against Alabama. The reason why she wants it so bad is too cute for words.

This fan has learned well. Not only does she know how big the Third Saturday in October is, but she also knows a bad head coach when she sees one. ​​If this doesn't motivate Pruitt to kick the snot out of Bama, I don't know what else will. 

The rivalry between the Crimson Tide and Volunteers has been very lopsided over the last decade. Tennessee hasn't beaten Alabama since 2006, when they took down the Crimson Tide 16-13. Since then, they've lost by over 10 points in every year but two. 

Fortunately for Cate, if anyone knows a thing or two about Alabama, it's Jeremy Pruitt. Before taking the job at Tennessee, he was the defensive coordinator at Alabama in 2016 and 2017. In both years, the Crimson Tide advanced to the national championship, winning it in 2017. 

Hopefully he can use that intel to get Cate a new dog.