Don't let Cleveland's past shortcomings fool you. The Indians currently possess the best duo in all of baseball.

This isn't a blasphemous statement or indictment on the rest of the MLB, but it's time for people to pay attention to the Indians. While they might not be as impressive as the Yankees or Astros, the first-place squad in the AL Central is ready for another postseason run. 

While their previous playoff stints were dependent on their pitching staff, the electric pairing of ​Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez is poised to carry their roster. The dynamic duo have combined for 52 homers, 127 RBIs, and are both on pace for over 90 extra-base hits. If that astonishing feat is accomplished, Lindor and Ramirez will join another legendary duo in that category.

​​Over the course of baseball history, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig are the only teammates to finish with at least 90 extra-base hits. Anytime players are mentioned in the same breath as these two icons, it's safe to say that something special is brewing. 

Even though they have unfinished business this season, the ​Indians star​s are already breaking records and earning respect. 

​​It's been nearly a century since teammates destroyed opposing pitching staffs like Ruth and Gehrig, but Lindor and Ramirez are on pace to end the drought.