​Kellen Winslow Jr. stands accused of multiple counts of burglary, kidnapping, rape, assault--nine criminal charges in allwhich could put him away for life without parole.

Apparently, ​Winslow has made some pretty pathetic excuses to defend himself and the case seemed to be looking pretty bad for the former Pro Bowl tight end.

A recent report, however, indicates that the prosecution may have a tougher case than they thought. Many of the witnesses being called upon are struggling to pinpoint Winslow on the scene, or at least the man in the courtroom, who now looks very little like Winslow.

​​That's right: three of the anonymous witnesses brought forward against Winslow have not been able to identify him in court.

Part of the reason may lie in the fact that his appearance has totally changed. Compare the pictures below for reference.

The over-the-top transformation certainly seems a little suspicious, and it may be proving very effective.

Jane Doe 3 said that a man had entered her property, “dropped his shorts and exposed himself.” She said that the man's name was "David," however, and could not identify Winslow as the culprit.

Jane Doe 4 saw Winslow's face on TV after his arrest and thought that she recognized him as the same man who had broken into her home the previous day. Unfortunately for the prosecution, she too could not identify Winslow as the criminal in court.

Jane Doe 1, who in March was lured into a Hummer and raped, was similarly unable to identify Winslow as the assailant.

Thus, a case which appeared horrifying and totally damning at first, may actually fall through thanks to this cheekiness. Ridiculous.

If the victims' failure to identify Winslow is truly because of his new appearance, that would be one of the most diabolical criminal success stories in history.

A fourth witness, a woman who was allegedly raped by Winslow, is expected to appear in court on Thursday. If she also fails to recognize Winslow, the case may fall apart due to insufficient evidence.

​The court of public opinion may have already condemned him, but Winslow may get off scot-free.