​​He may have been the coach of some terrible teams, but Hue Jackson is actually a great guy.

Jackson, ​the Cleveland Browns current head coach, is doing all that he can to help victims of human trafficking.

To that end, his Hue Jackson Foundation, founded last year by the coach and his wife, funded the construction of The Hue Jackson Respite Services for Recovered Survivors of Human Trafficking. The respite services refers to a facility consisting of several rooms, including three bedrooms, able to house up to 12 women.

Housed in the Harbor Light Complex in Cleveland, the facility is set to open on July 17.

"Michelle and I are very excited about the opportunity to assist survivors of human trafficking by helping to provide a place of respite," Jackson said.

Kimberly Diemert, the executive director of Jackson's foundation, said, "The goal is to give the women the control they need to regain their life and their sense of independence and self-worth. It will allow women an opportunity to 'go through their rebirth.'"

The facility will provide a place to sleep and also give these women a sense of home. Furthermore, it provides easy access to counseling, nursing care, drug and alcohol detoxification, and therapy.

Jackson's foundation has given $250,000 towards the project, including some of ​the money he raised with his plunge into Lake Erie.

Great job by Jackson, his wife, and everybody else involved.