With every day that passes, Manny Machado is one day closer to finally leaving the disaster that is the Baltimore Orioles.

Thanks to his recent Instagram activity, we may have an idea as to where he wants to land before the trade deadline.  

Could the superstar indeed be headed to the Bronx?

Machado liking a picture of him in a full New York uniform has got to break the hearts of Red Sox and Astros fans everywhere. 

But for the NY faithful? This is definitely something they love seeing. 

The Yankees are right in the mix to land Machado this month, but some other teams involved in the hunt include the LA Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Boston Red Sox. 

Machado himself is enjoying a great season in Baltimore, hitting .314 with 23 home runs and 63 RBI. Whoever lands him will be adding one of the best bats in the game. 

While Machado's activity on Instagram could hint he's ready to head to a new team in the AL East, there are multiple other clubs who will do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn't happen.