Kevin Durant can't stop himself.

You would think after all of the hoopla over KD's last burner controversy he would have logged off. Durant's accounts had all seemingly gone quiet after he was outed, all except one apparently. This fan thinks he has found one of the stray burner accounts still ferociously defending KD.

The evidence is staggering. 

All of his tweets defend Durant and once the account got called out it went private. Definitely signs of someone who is guilty of something. 

This story might be even weirder if somebody who wasn't KD was running this account.

​After the Colangelo saga, the internet, especially Twitter, has been on the lookout for potential burner accounts. Any athlete with a burner should have taken the hint and deleted their accounts to avoid getting caught up in the witch hunt. 

Maybe KD didn't get the memo? These days, you never know. 

There isn't a softer player in the league than Durant. Besides making the weakest move in sports history by joining the Warriors, he comes off as really defensive about everything.  

He is constantly picking fights and letting the trolls get to him.