If this is Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston's last chance, the young signal caller is not playing his cards right.

Winston recently admitted to and was suspended for groping his Uber driver. He got a three-game suspension from the NFL, and he has quickly become an embarrassment to himself and the Bucs. From stealing crab legs back in his college career to this new predicament, it's only been downhill for Winston.

Winston officially is someone who needs sound advice from a capable, trusted source. However, the young man is now going to get mentoring from someone who is anything but. 

In what constitutes a terrible idea, former NFL star wide receiver Randy Moss has been Winston's new confidant and mentor. Moss grew up with horrible off-the-field issues and had several run-ins with the NFL when he was in the league, like when he verbally abused corporate sponsors, bumped a traffic control officer with his car, and pretended to pull down his pants and "moon" Green Bay Packers fans.

This is the mentor for Winston?

Winston needs to learn from his mistakes, but Moss isn't the best option out there to help him learn how to do so.