Voters were in a tough spot, but they sent the right man through. 

When you think about a final vote coming down between a player from Boston and one from Seattle, you have to believe the easy bet is to assume the Red Sox would be traveling to the All-Star game right? 

Thankfully, no. 

Voters officially surprised everyone by sending Mariners' shortstop Jean Segura to the All-Star Game. 

​​That's awesome news for one of the most exciting players on a must-watch team. 

The average fan may not know Segura, but they quickly got to know him as they pushed him through to represent the American League. The man shouldn't have been in the final vote in the first place as he has the eighth-most runs in the AL, the third highest batting average, and the second most hits. 

It all doesn't matter now, as this victory for Segura gave us this awesome video of his teammates finding out one of their own is officially an All-Star. 

​​Congratulations to Segura and the Mariners' fan base. It was well deserved.