We may have found a roadblock in the move that would send Manny Machado to New York. 

The New York Yankees have been looking to acquire the slugging infielder from the Baltimore Orioles since last summer, but talks have officially heated up as the trade deadline gets closer. The Yankees reportedly made a strong offer, but are still standing their ground about one potential star prospect. 

New York has not included Justus Sheffield in any offer. 

​​The ball was in Brian Cashman's court, and he seemingly served it right back to the Orioles without any change in mindset. 

Baltimore was willing to trade Machado within the division under one condition, and that was to include Sheffield. You can't blame them, as the 22-year-old lefty would be a huge piece of their rebuild. He has all the tools to be a future ace, with a 2.44 ERA across AAA and AA ball for the Yankees this season. 

If Baltimore goes through with this deal after forgetting about their one and only condition, it's clear who won this trade. 

​​It all comes down to how desperate Baltimore is. They know what they're getting from the Yankees: a number of prized bats, but not the crown jewel. They can either take what they can get while they still can, or find another buyer who can hopefully still match New York's offer. 

Orioles, it's your serve.