Surrounding LeBron with playmakers instead of shooters is the plan Magic Johnson came up with, at least according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelbourne. It's a little unconventional because LeBron has always had shooters around him like Ray Allen in Miami and Kyle Korver in Cleveland. 

Despite already going forward with the plan by signing the likes of Lance Stephenson​Rondo, and Javaaaaaaale McGee, there is still one shooter on the squad who will mesh well with LeBron on the court.

LeBron reportedly brought up Josh Hart to Lakers' GM Rob Pelinka after signing his contract. Apparently, he's been watching Hart perform in this year's summer league. 

Honestly, everyone should be watching Hart because he's been an absolute beast thus far. His catch and shoot three is the best part of his game, going at an incredible 41.8 percent clip. But, the rest of his game is starting to develop nicely.

That is just too nice. 

Hart won't be expected to come out and be an MVP for this team, but he's proving he can be quite the option for LA come next winter.