​Just when you thought the week couldn't get any worse for the NFL, ​another player was just accused of a heinous crime. 

Jaguars defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was accused in a civil complaint on July 6 of having sex with an unconscious woman—identified only as Jane Doe—and then later having consensual sex with her, "without informing her that he was carrying a sexually transmitted disease."

​According to News4Jax, it remains unclear at this time whether criminal charges have been filed. The current lawsuit, however, is seeking damages of about $15,000. He is accused of giving the women herpes during their sexual encounters. 

​Stories like this are all too common in the NFL—and those are just the incidents that are reported. To say the NFL (and, of course, society as a whole) has a problem is an understatement. 

To make matters even more disturbing, the alleged crimes are often committed by those you least suspect: Just a day ago, Dareus was garnering great praise for donating $125,000 to help build classrooms in Haiti. 

​​Knowing the NFL, we have a long investigation ahead of us. 

Let's just hope the League gets it right for once, that the punishment for violent sex crimes is harsher than penalties for PEDs, marijuana, or *gasp*: kneeling during the National Anthem.