​Los Angeles Lakers fans are currently in a bind over their point guard situation. The team ​brought in Rajon Rondo to serve as a veteran presence at the position, while they already have Lonzo Ball.

That has Lakers fans asking, ​​who would be the better starting option between the two? Well, one person compared the rookie seasons of both Ball and Rondo per 36 minutes, and the results are intriguing to say the least.

​​Okay, so hopefully you took an aspirin for the massive headache you received after reading those stat lines.

The fact that Ball has averaged six 3-pointers per three quarters is insane. Meanwhile, in terms of 2-pointers, Rondo dominated, as he is averages 8.3 two-point attempts, compared to Ball's 5.4.

So, to wrap everything up, Ball lead in points, assists and rebounds, while Rondo had higher percentages in field goals, free-throws, and 2-pointers made.

That is certainly a lot to digest for Lakers fans. 

It will remain to be seen who will be the starting point guard this upcoming season,​ but Rondo is all in on being Ball's mentor.

So, if you want to blow the minds of your friends at the bar, show them this stat comparison, and watch them immediately grab their heads trying to process it. You know, for comedic purposes.