​When ​LeBron James made his decision to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency, the expectations for the purple and gold immediately sky rocketed. 

The Lakers are now in complete win-now mode, which is a drastic change from their previous rosters which have been based on developing young talent. There are now questions regarding how head coach Luke Walton will manage his young talent, and if they will be guaranteed starting positions. 

GM Rob Pelinka recently answered those questions, and it is safe to say that LaVar Ball probably isn't thrilled. 

​​The Lakers signed veterans JaVale McGee, Lance Stephenson and most notably, Rajon Rondo. There has already been speculation that Rondo could be in line to take Lonzo Ball's job if he outperforms the second-year player.

Whether Rondo manages to outplay Lonzo still remains to be seen, but don't expect the former champion to accept a mentor role. He has proven that he can still play at a high level and will definitely come into training camp ready to compete. 

​​It would be shocking to see​ Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma not in the starting lineup due to their stellar campaigns last year, so it does seem that Pelinka was sending a message to Ball in particular.