​Usually, nothing happens during the ​NFL Supplemental Draft. However, the New York Giants put an end to the norm by ​selecting Western Michigan cornerback Sam Beal in the third round.

Everyone was caught by surprise, even ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter.

Once the pick was made, Schefter went deep into the drafts of his Twitter account to send out the tweet as quickly as possible. There was one mistake after he sent out the tweet: he forgot to insert the numbers.

​​That's right, Schefter was in such a hurry to send out the tweet, that he forgot to replace the "x's" with numbers.

However, it didn't end there, as he did the same thing once the Washington Redskins selected Virginia Tech cornerback Adonis Alexander in the sixth round.

We get it, in the world of sports media, you want to be the first person to tweet out the news. You get the most clicks, retweets, and likes. However, there is no edit button on Twitter, so you have one chance to make it perfect.

Schefter must take the Ricky Bobby mantra of "If you're not first, you're last" to heart.