​Catching the early bird special and still coaching basketball? Sign John Calipari up!

Calipari has been coaching college basketball for the last 26 years from UMass to Memphis and now with his current team ​Kentucky. One of the best college coaches ever said that even two and a half decades into it he's feeling good and if it continues this way he could see himself coaching into his 70s. 

The 59-years-young Kentucky coach joked about the possibility during a radio interview with KSR. It's not crazy to think Calipari can't coach another 20 years. We've seen it with Hall of Fame-caliber coaches like Mike Krzyzewski, Bobby Knight, Jim Boeheim, and Jim Calhoun.

The question isn't can he, its the question of will he deserve it with Kentucky?

There's no question that Calipari is a recruiting genius by exploiting the "one and done" rule that was implemented by the ​NBA over a decade ago. Year in and year out Kentucky gets some of the best prospects all around the nation. Not to mention he's one of the few to coaches to bring three different teams to a Final Four. 

However, during his 26-year career he has been linked to a couple of scandals, amounted only one championship and hasn't gotten very far in the tournament the last few years where expectations at Kentucky are championship every year.

Another problem that Calipari may face is that with the NBA changing its draft eligibility rules in the near future, he may no longer get a chance to recruit the top tier prospects as they decide to go straight to the NBA.

Still, it seems that there is no end in site to Calipari's tenure with Kentucky.