Many have often pondered what LeBron would really be worth in an open market. In other words, no salary cap, just straight cash.

After Ronaldo hit the open market and received a massive, new contract, we may not have to wonder what LeBron's worth would be anymore. 

It's interesting how similar LeBron and Ronaldo are, as the article noted. Both turned pro at high-school ages and both are now 33. Both have just agreed to play for truly great franchises. 

Ronaldo's contract is on another level, though. $64 million a year to play for Juventus? That is almost unheard of. 

It makes LeBron's new, $38-million annual contract for the Lakers look like chump change. In the past, ​LeBron has voiced the opinion that he's underpaid. Maybe he should lobby for an open market with no cap in Player's Association meetings.

Windhorst and Rovell believe LeBron could get a figure over or under Ronaldo's if he hit an open market with no cap. And we know Rich Paul, his agent, is one of the best in the business. So he'd probably exceed Ronaldo's contract.

So, maybe LeBron should consider soccer, as the article quipped. He could get salaries like this.

Or maybe he should join the JBA. I hear LaVar is ​handing out ungodly salaries. Either way, we now can guess at what LeBron could truly be worth. 

And it's a gigantic number.