Through dropping his debut soul album last year, Victor Oladipo let the world ​know he chooses his words carefully. 

His comments about former teammate Russell Westbrook are no different. 

Pacers GM Chad Buchanan shared a funny exchange he had with Victor Oladipo after acquiring him from Oklahoma City regarding the difficulties of playing with Russell Westbrook. 

It's not difficult to picture a smirking ​Oladipo making these tongue-in-cheek comments as he walks off the plane and realizes the weight of playing alongside Westbrook has been lifted from his shoulders. 

I can't even fathom how liberating it feels knowing you never have to play with the biggest ball hog and stat stealer in NBA history. Knowing you're about to average 8 more points, 2 more rebounds, 1 more assist, 1 more steal and play more minutes per game must lead to a feeling of absolute euphoria. 

​​Watching Westbrook play during that 2016-2017 season was comparable to watching Vivek Ranadive's dream of 4 v. 5 basketball with one person waiting under the basket. Except in the case of the Thunder, that one person under the basket decides he's going to kick the other four off the court and somehow both cherry pick and play defense himself. 

Think that's being overly critical of Westbrook? Please explain how else Oladipo went from being declared a bust to ​being named Third Team All-NBA and pushing LeBron James to seven games in the first round. 

Forget another soul album. Oladipo should just drop a Westbrook diss track on his way to being named First Team All-NBA next season.