​​We just reported how Adam 'Pacman' Jones was attacked at an airport in Atlanta, and now the startling video footage has been released. As was reported earlier, an airport employee, Frank Ragin, verbally accosted Jones, leading to a quickly escalating situation and a violent fight.

​​As previously surmised, it seems that the employee did not know what he was in for when taking on the smaller Jones. Pacman quickly put him in his place and knocked him to the ground with a right hook.

Reports continue to indicate that Jones was not the instigator and that he will not be charged.

His attacker, Ragin, meanwhile, was arrested on two counts of battery and forced to go to the hospital. Now that's adding insult to injury.

The context surrounding the fight is still a little unclear, and the exact nature of the injuries sustained by Ragin, Jones, and Jones' companion have not been revealed.