We're not in Akron anymore, Toto. Los Angeles is a little bit different than Ohio and LeBron James is already learning that the hard way.

After skipping a welcoming party at Blaze Pizza in one of their Los Angeles locations, James is making an awful first impression on the city he thinks he's already the king of. 

In case James isn't schooled in Los Angeles geography, I'll break it down for him. Culver City is literally located within Los Angeles. There's no shot he didn't have time in his day to make a quick trip down the road and pop his head in the store. 

Why would he go, you may ask? Oh, I don't know, maybe he was one of the initial investors in ​Blaze Pizza and reportedly owns more than 10% of the company. But that's just a minor detail, I suppose, when your new pool and favorite donut tube is calling your name. 

Don't ​make a promise you can't live up to, LeBron. Don't tell the Miami Heat fans you're going to bring them seven titles and only deliver two. Don't tell the city of Los Angeles that you're going to attend a welcoming party that was quite literally dedicated to you and then not show face. 

It would've been a respectable move if he was working out or getting shots up instead of being at the pizza place, but no. He was home. In his pool. On a donut tube. ​​

The more things change, the more James stays the same.