​The insanity continues.

We've heard a ton of accusations thrown at ​LeSean McCoy on Tuesday, but none worse than the alleged incident with his ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, who was hospitalized after sustaining injuries in a home invasion. Initially, it was said to be a domestic violence incident involving McCoy, but since the story has changed drastically.

Now, we have a bit more clarity on the situation beyond the rumors and reports. Cordon's lawyer released a damning statement regarding the alleged happenings, claiming that a ​male assailant entered Cordon's home when she was asleep and attacked her as he was trying to steal her jewelry.

The prosecution here is putting forth a strong case that McCoy may have had something to do with the alleged incident that put Cordon in the hospital because the assailant was targeting jewelry in the robbery that McCoy had "requested back on many occasions."

Also, it's important to note that McCoy allegedly tweaked the home's surveillance system and after removing the original cameras, he installed new ones and hired a new service provider and Cordon was not provided with any of that information.

The prosecution is implying that McCoy was directly involved in orchestrating the attack by connecting the dots on various events and incidents.

If that's the case, expect McCoy's NFL career to be over.