​Get ready for some dingers in D.C., baseball fans! Cubs fans are especially going to be thrilled about this.

We've been waiting for a while now to find out who would be participating in the ​Home Run Derby, with many stars declining, others on the fence, and only Indians third baseman Jose Ramirez and Dodgers slugger ​Max Muncy talking about wanting to participate. 

But now it looks like we have some real power heading to the event in the nation's capital.

Javy Baez and Kyle Schwarber?! We didn't see that coming! That's certainly something fans should be looking forward to.

Want to see what you're in for?

Well, that's at least what you'll get from Javy.

How about some SchwarBOMBs?

Get ready for some moonbeams!


Right now these two and Muncy will be 3/4 of the NL squad, and we'll be anxiously waiting to see who joins them. Stars decline to participate every single year, but the MLB rarely lets us down.

We're sure a number of others will follow now that Javy and Schwarbs have committed.