For a team that's so desperate to beat the Warriors, the Rockets seemed scared of the luxury tax. They let key pieces in Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute go when they could have made competitive offers to keep them. 

However, it looks like the Rockets were hoping Clint Capela just signed this deal at the start of free agency to justify those departures. For all of the controversy surrounding Capela not getting the money he was requesting, this sure sounds like he was getting just what he wanted.

That's a deal Capela should have jumped at. He's not getting $100M over four years on any other team. Rebounding is important and so is a defensive presence but the Warriors have proved over and over again that you don't need a typical big man for that. 

Small ball is taking over the league and Jusuf Nurkic is already a modern big man with a jumper and playmaking skills and he only got $12 million per year.

Capela is a throwback center minus the post moves and the ability to score on his own. His jump shot is broken and without CP3 and Harden there to draw attention, Capela wouldn't even be averaging five points a game.

How are we still at a standstill?!