Remember Dan Dakich? He's the ESPN broadcaster who argued against paying NCAA athletes by saying that they can afford tattoos, and when he was shut down, he decided to attack the people arguing against him rather than their arguments.

Well, Kentucky fans found out that he's broadcasting their Bahamas games this upcoming season and they aren't too pleased about it. 

​​On the one hand, he was able to correctly predict a ​De'Aaron Fox triple-double the last time he broadcasted for Kentucky, but on the other hand, he's an absolute moron on social media. It truly is a nightmare, but hate can actually unite people in rare situations.

Dakich is honestly a decent analyst and a great basketball mind, but he's become a ridiculous personality. Dakich is an analyst of the past and it's frankly surprising that ESPN hasn't reprimanded him for his behavior on social media.

Arguing that college players shouldn't be paid is one thing, but bringing a player's past mistakes to attack the player as a person is another.