New Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, has been at the top of all NBA news after signing a four-year, $154 million contract with the team back on July 1st.

Now, with the superstar moving to the City of Angels, the LA-based pizza chain, Blaze Pizza, wanted to celebrate the arrival of the King.

With James also being an original investor in the chain, it seemed only right he make an appearance at one of the locations in Culver, even ​hinting on Twitter that he would, but apparently, the 15-year NBA veteran had other plans.

It seems James couldn't care less about his appearance at one of the store's locations, as he decided to sit pool-side, lounging around at his mansion in Brentwood. So, on top of leaving HUNDREDS of fan out to dry, now Blaze is probably going to have to serve a ton more people considering half of them probably wouldn't have gone if LeBron didn't tweet this out:

How can anyone blame him though? After all he's dealt with this year in terms of criticism for losing to the Warriors yet again, how could've we have thought he'd show up to hang out with a bunch of frontrunners?

All James can probably think about is relaxing and worrying about defeating the Warriors en route to another NBA Finals appearance.