Rhys Hoskins has not been kind to his face this season. First, the Phillies rising star hit the DL after he broke his jaw. You'd think that would serve as a wake-up call, but he's still showing he has no regard for his face as he smashed his dome right into the wall while trying to make an outfield catch against the Mets. 

​​The Phillies are going to have to get this man a goalie mask soon. Since the Flyers are in their offseason, do they possibly have one to spare before this gets worse?

You have to love the hustle out of a man who's ready to do anything to get a single out in a meaningless July game, even though he did fail to catch the ball, allowing shortstop Amed Rosario to reach third. Maybe he was just trying to do his best Aaron Rowand impression? 

All jokes aside, this is a scary play. Hoskins could have injured his face or possibly gotten a concussion from this effort but remained in the game. 

​​Now that it's all said and done, someone's got to talk to him about protecting his face. His inability to do so has already forced the ​Phillies to switch up their uniform plans. That's going to keep happening if he uses his face as a battering ram.