The MLB recently revealed that the Cleveland Indians have two All-Stars this season after the rosters were released a few days ago. Both Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez earned their trip to D.C. for the midsummer classic, but that doesn't mean they were ready to coast until the big game. Watch as the two slugging infielders went deep to give the Tribe a two-run lead in the first inning:

​​Games usually start pretty well when you have two of the best bats in baseball ready to get the party started. 

It's Lindor's fault this happened. His big swing wasn't just good for his 24th homer of the year, but it was enough to tie Ramirez for the team lead. That didn't last long, as the slugging third baseman went back on top after the tie lasted for a few minutes at most. 

You can assume no one in Cleveland minds, as they're just happy enough to receive yet another first inning lead thanks to their two All-Stars. 

The Indians still have a solid 8.5 game lead over the Minnesota Twins thanks to performances like this out of their bats and not their bullpen. Cleveland has relied on their arms in the past but won't have to if Lindor and Ramirez can continue to both share the role of hero. 

​​You can catch Ramirez in the All-Star game as soon as the contest begins as he was voted a starter, while Lindor will be a huge bat coming off the bench.