By now, we've all heard the rumor that Jimmy Butler is having some issues in Minnesota. Whether that's true or not, it looks like Butler is definitely open to playing elsewhere given the rumors about him wanting to team up with Kyrie Irving circulating as well.

Well, perhaps we're getting out first taste of that from the man himself.

Oh, he liked someone's comment on Instagram? Butler to the Spurs has to be happening then, confirmed!


Spurs fans are already on board.

Butler is a step down from ​Kawhi Leonard, but Jimmy Buckets could just be the next best thing for the Spurs. He would fit perfectly in their system and fill out Kawhi's role nicely.

Butler is a pest on the defensive end, not to the extent Kawhi is, but he's good enough to lock down top players. On the offensive end, Jimmy gets buckets inside the paint and downtown. He's also clutch and adds another go-to scorer next to Aldridge for crunch time points.

We know he's probably just liking Instagram comments to troll people, but this is actually a pairing that could work.